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Custom Cabinets, Furniture, Doors, Windows, and much more...

Custom Hardwood Design and Manufacturing

We have over 45 years of experience in woodworking design and fabrication and can help make your vision a reality

Dream. Create. Live.

Innovative Ideas, Stylish Designs, Impeccable Service

Designed and built to your specifications.

Quality Hardwood Construction

Solid. Durable. Old-School Quality.

All of our projects are made from quality materials by our expert craftsmen.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Cabinets, Counters and More...

Every Piece is Fabricated in Our Shop

Our products don't come shipped in boxes to be assembled. We start by manufacturing each piece in our workshop.

We Don't Keep a Shiny Showroom!

Showrooms Can't Compete

Showrooms sure look pretty from the outside but it's what's inside that makes the difference. We think our shop is the best showroom.


Custom Cabinets, Furniture & Fixtures Custom-designed, built from scratch, elegant and sturdy enough to outlast the house around them.  We build everything exactly to your specifications. Learn More Historical, Heirloom & Antique Repair We repair all types and styles of historical, heirloom and antique hardwood furniture, cabinets, doors, windows,…

About Us

Our Approach We don’t waste space on a polished showroom because we believe our workshop is our best showroom.  It’s where we spend most of our time producing the durable, quality pieces that we’re known for. Our Story For over 45 years Creative Cabinets has been under the ownership…


Living Room Remodel Mantle and Furniture This was an entire living room and den remodel that consisted of a fireplace mantle, new shelves and other fixtures. The project’s biggest challenge was… (more) Kitchen Remodel Kitchen Cabinets and Furniture Creative Cabinets built and installed new cabinets and furniture for our…

About Us

Creative Cabinets has been manufacturing some of the finest pieces of custom cabinetry and furniture for homes and businesses across the San Francisco Bay Area since 1973. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our attention to detail is obvious in our finished products and scores of satisfied customers.

We can duplicate, redesign, retrofit, refinish, repair and service all hardwood cabinetry, furniture and any other real-wood pieces for offices, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and other indoor and outdoor spaces.

At Creative Cabinets we only use quality materials and old school, solid construction that results in an extremely durable product that looks better and lasts longer than any press-board cabinetry found in big box stores.

We offer an endless variety of woods, finishes and looks that will satisfy any need.

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Recent Work

Challenging Curves

This is a project that we finished in (200?) We’re proud of this project because it’s a beautiful example of the amazing results our manufacturing process produces which always starts with quality materials and always finishes with a satisfied customer.   Here we…

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We built these (solid oak) cabinets and matching shelf unit with a curved cabinet face and finished them with two-tone color around all of the routed edges.

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Church Repair

This project includes a number of the customer’s items that needed to be matched and repaired. Here we…

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Experience Counts

With over 45 years of experience manufacturing custom cabinetry and custom furniture, we have the expertise and ability to satisfy any project.  From custom cabinet design and manufacturing to heirloom and antique furniture matching, we have the solutions you need.

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Quality and Service

Our most important goal is to satisfy each customer by providing them with the best service and product solutions.  We ensure that each piece we design and manufacture adds amazing beauty, durability, functionality and serviceability.

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No Showrooms

We don’t compete with the box stores and their sparkling, press-board furniture showrooms because we don’t sell furniture that arrives at our workshop in boxes.  We manufacture pieces that stand the test of time right in our workshop which we like to think of as Creative Cabinet’s showroom.

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Your Home and Business Deserve the Best

Cabinetry, furniture and other hardwood products made from quality hardwood materials (rather than composite or press-board) will last many lifetimes and can be repaired or modified as needed.  In contrast the products that come shipped from big box stores with the cleverly folded assembly instructions are lucky to survive a move.

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Latest From our HOW TO Channel

HOW TO: Adjust European hinges

Close the cabinet door and look closely at the direction(s) the door needs to move. Is it aligned with the other cabinet doors? Is the door set too high or too low? Does the door close all the way? Does it leave a gap or overlap too much? Open the door wide to access to the hinge. First adjust the hinge vertically. You likely need to adjust all the hinges on a door at once. To make the adjustment, loosen the top and bottom screws, then push the door up or down as necessary and firmly tighten the screws again. …

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